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Prepping Flooring:

As you know The Subfloor is never in good condition or getting a lot of dirt on it. TNFlooring Before laying any Floor will do cleaning the dirt or any subject making floor uneven.

The next Step is from Customer; However we will let customer know their floor is good for laying or it need to be levelling before laying. This very important and depend on budget of customer as well. The product will have lifetime using more than normal. keep flooring install stronger.

Prepping Floor is cost you more money, and more time to finish floor; however, it’s most of choice when Builder or installer laying floor. they would have less trouble after flooring installed.

Installation Floor:

Laminate Installation or Floating Floor: With this kind of floor, before lay down floor we must use underlay. TN Flooring provide 3 difference kind of underlay such as: foam silver is making standard underlay to laying down, the better quality as we normally use for customer is 2mm EVA acoustic Underlay. Higher quality is 3mm Rubber EVA. when laying underlay we would make it close to the wall to give the best of moisture resistant work, and using tape to stick them together.

Hybrid Flooring install is more carefully as this is think and easy get damage, so we will always checking floor before we start laying.

Direct Stick with Glue is perfect work; However when we laying on concrete, we would need to check the moisture barriers of flooring and buy the right glue with it. Direct stick will take more money on budget ,but it would the best choice for engineered flooring or hardwood timber. Bostik glue is the one we normally using for our project.

Staircase: with this one it would need a lot of skill for doing it, doing staircase will take long time to finish instead of doing on floor. with the special staircase some time we have to make bullnose.

Expansion Floor:

This is very important when laying floor, all kind of floor must leave some gap around when lay down.

Floating floor install must be careful when laying floor which area along more than 6 meter, the gap of expansion must from 10 -15mm

Do not put something over weight of Floor can carry on, it would make the floor has no where to move when expansion happen.