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Floor Installation

We can provide contractor for installation of your floor.
They can do a fully professional service from levelling subfloor, cleaning and lay underlay,
installation floor will be last and very carefully.
Installation start from 15$ per sqm for laminate flooring and up to 45$ for herringbone flooring ( price excluding gst)
– we always advise customer to do floor levelling before installation start.
– To be honest, there are alot of trade to do flooring some are very cheap price and some are just contractor. It’s difference with our company which is family business staff over 10 years experience to lay floor.
– One thing difference will make your floor look difference.
the most important is we always bring quality product and service to customer.

more information please call: 0466618113- Tien
or Vietnamese language : 0468991605- Nam

Floor repair of warranty job

Our warranty starting after floor laying ( our product) for other product we’re only provide warranty job for some good product and if it is from our mistake.
– We alwas giving 1 year of warranty for installation to customer.
– Or provide trade to help you to fix your job if our of our warranty.
– Everything will be done and we will try our best to bring the best result to you.

Quality Floor Materials

We’re always try our best to bring premium quality of floor to customer.
good product mean long time use.
-Our laminate product:
1215x194x12.3mm HDF strong quality which is over 890kg/m3
why on the market laminate sale very cheap? compare to the top of laminate floor sale in Australia, the cheap floor is very bad quality and can’t use it for longtime. so why we spend this much money and use only few month and have to change new one?
– Our is premium quality floor and affordable price.
– Just price check quality before you buy product and choose the right price to pay for it.

Quality work with competitive prices

depend on price we can provide service to customer. it can be start from standard service to professional service or more than that.
You pay for your service, we do from your budget.

Fast Delivery

Delivery can be make after you chose floor from us. it can be same day delivery.
– We can delivery free around our warehouse area or with big order would be free as well.

Accessories Products

We do have underlay EVA 2mm rubber and EVA 3mm rubber for sale affordable price
Also we only use this product for customer to bring to them quality of work.
– MDF quad in same colour
– SPC quad waterproof use for hybrid floor
– Staircase bullnose custom make for job
– Blade mutiltool for wood and soft metal
– 160mm blade for undercut door
– 184mm blade for saw machine
We’re trying bring more thing to sale at moment for trade/ handyman so please contact me for more detail.


Floor Installed


From the start, we’ve always tried to do things properly. So it’s heart-warming to get recognition from people who feel the same way





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